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With the availability of various types of mobile phones, people tend to use different operating systems in them such as Android, iOS, Microsoft etc. However, marketplaces are something common in all these operating systems. No matter what the device is, people use these marketplaces to fulfill their needs such as downloading a game or application. Some of those market places are Google PlayStore, iTunes, etc. there are thousands of applications enclosed in these and these markets allow its users to download applications, games, themes and multiple kinds of things in both free and paid versions.  You may need to download a paid application. But what if you don’t have enough money? In that case having a market place with only free items is better. APPVN, Aptoide and Ac Market are some of the market places like that. These have the ability to give all those paid and free applications for no money at all.



This is an app store with more than thousands of games and applications included in it. It is able to fulfill all the requirements in no time at all with your rooted smart device. Also, APPVN has the ability to give you free applications while using it across many platforms. It allows you to download free apps for multiple operating systems as Android, IOS, and windows. The latest version v2 has been updated on May 2017 and it is 6.63 MB in size.


  • Unlike most other market applications, this can auto update its application content
  • Applications included in APPVN are free. So you do not need to pay for the applications you choose to download.
  • It is composed of a properly working search bar which can give you search results in few seconds
  • APPVN is an easy to use application
  • This marketplace is composed of most of the latest applications and games as soon as they are released.
  • Applications enclosed  in APPVN has the ability to work on any operating system in a flawless manner


  • You won’t be able to find Mod apps as in ACMarket apk
  • It performs better with a rooted device.

Download APPVN

  • Use the provided link to directly download APPVN into your smart device
  • Locate the downloaded file and complete the installation process
  • Open APPVN on your smart device and enjoy it.
  • You can use the search bar to search required applications and install them as needed.



Aptoide is a commonly used android market place for many distributed apps. This has been released in November 2009 and it can be used on Android operating systems and Amazon underground android. Aptoide is open source software which gives all users the ability to add application contents.  Also, it is an application which gives sharing ability to its users. This application is written in java and it was developed by Aptoide app developers. Latest version of this app is


It is such a marketplace where you can know all the details about a searched application including its procedure, remarks, and grade units like facts. Other than that the main advantages of this application are

  • Users can manage their own app store
  • It can be used to get free applications instead of paying to download them.
  • Apps can be customized according to any preferred language
  • It is composed of a simple and interesting interface
  • Aptoide can be used on any android device
  • There is no requirement to sign up in order to use the application
  • It updates straight from distributors of multiple applications
  • Downloading of applications can be paused resume or canceled at any required moment
  • Provide numerous unique apps and many gaming apps for the users.


  • There is no filter for the applications and therefore users may choose malware or virus applications instead of the one they target to download.
  • It does not have its own centralized and exclusive app store but it is a distributed place.
  • You won’t be able to find Mod apps as in ACMarket apk
  • Designed to be used on Android operating systems only.

Downloading and using Aptoide

  • Aptoide is designed with a concept where multiple sources can be used as app manager. You just need to download it by clicking on the provided link.
  • Complete the installation process and use the application.

ACMarket APK

ACMarket APK

ACMarket is one of the best places you can use to download cracked applications into your smart device. v3.1.9 is the latest version of this market apk and it is 5.2 MB in size. ACMarket is composed of the ability to give you a faster download service in no time at all. Its main uses are as follows


  1. It has a smooth and clean interface
  2. Users can experience a faster download speed than other market applications
  3. It is composed of all the modified or patched applications for free
  4. You can download ACMarket apk free of charge
  5. It is supported on all the android versions and all mobile devices
  6. This is a user friendly application
  7. You have the ability to customize the application according to your needs

There are no recorded disadvantages of this market application.

Downloading ACMarket apk

First, there are some changes in settings to do.Open settings and go to security. There you will find an option called unknown sources. You need to enable that prior to downloading these applications.


  1. Download the ACMarket APK from the official website
  2. Carryout the installation process and wait few minutes until it completes.
  3. Then click on the app and use it as same as other market applications.

Once completing its download you just need to launch it and search for any app or game you like. ACMarket apk is composed of applications in three categories as games, apps and mods. In the results window, there will be two options like app version and install it. All the details about it will be displayed like whether it is modded or not.

Just click on the install button and enjoy!


No matter how many applications you download with these market places. There is one thing to remember. It’s important to not to update the downloaded applications as an online connection for these applications can cause it to delete automatically from your device. You are unable to update these cracked applications.

Although these market applications help you to enjoy unlimited applications those are not much legal. Therefore you should be very careful in using them and they should not be utilized for commercial purposes. But only for educational use.

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