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Using Firewall on Android devices

Android Firewalls

What is a Firewall?

Firewall is a well-known wording used in the Android world. But there are many of its users without knowing what exactly a firewall means. As the name implies, it is a wall in the fire. That meaning is according to our day to day life.  But In computing, there is another meaning for the word fire wall.

A firewall is a network security which monitors and maintains security rules among connected devices. It acts as a wall or a barrier to protect the device from the danger and it establishes a trusted internal network with an outside network, which is hard to trust.

Why do you need a firewall?

When considering about mobile computing, mobile security has become an increasingly important factor to consider. Because there are very important data stored in smartphones and users pay an immense concern over the security of entered data. A good practice can always lead to  proper use of devices and security can be enhanced through development of software and operating systems.  But for that, it’s important to get an idea of the available applications which act as a fire wall.

1. NoRoot Firewall

Noroot Firewall

Rooting is one of the main changes in settings you need to do prior installing most of recent applications. It is a matter of security and most device users do not tend to root the device due to different reasons. This application does not need you to root the device. As it does not use rooting. It creates a mock VPN for the particular device and then it is used to connect the device.  It helps the user to monitor all incoming apps and to protect data. Some application will require a phone connection and it will automatically alert the user in those instances while giving the authority to control access to your device. Certain addresses and ports can be blocked using the filters. If anyone outside is trying to connect with your device, no root will display all the details of the access attempts.

2. NetGuard

NetGuard Pro

This is a simple application with a user-friendly interface. Main function of the app is to block unwanted internet access. The important thing is, you need to access the malicious website in order to block it. But it has the ability to detect the threat by configuring the addresses and applications on the Android device. Some other features are, it helps to block while roaming, and there is the ability to prevent system applications from entering internet. NetGuard also helps the user to analyze the data usage of individual applications installed in the device so ultimately he will get a chance to identify the specific application which eats up all mobile data.

3. AFWall+ (Android firewall)


This comes with a pleasant interface and it can be used on rooted android devices. Being a front end application, it is composed of a powerful iptablet Linux firewall. Features included are

  • It can hide lock screen notifications.
  • The application supports to carry out a faster action.
  • This is one of the most reliable applications used as  a firewall.

4. NoRoot Data Firewall

NoRoot Data Firewall

This application helps the user to monitor the data traffic on unrooted Android devices. It helps to capture packets and prevents unauthorized access using password protected entry into the installed applications. But also,

  • Night mode can be used to stop accessing internet at night.
  • It automatically record and analyze the data usage of each and every networked application on your device.
  • Temporary permissions can be set for specific time limits.
  • Domain filters and IP filters can be used and DNS address can be set to enhance the device security status.

5. Droidwall


This is a famous firewall application which is enclosed with an interface similar to gingerbread. Major functions are

  • Allow manual definition of iptables rules
  • It has a simple interface including much more advanced features

6. Mobiwol: No Root Firewall

Mobiwol No root firewall

The main function of this application is to save the data package while limiting the internet access of the device. But other than that it also helps the device to extend its battery life. The application gives the total authority to directly take the full control over all the applications installed in the device.

It gives alerts at the moments when new applications try to access the internet and it has the ability to tell the devices it is connected to the help of connection log components.

7. LostNet Noroot Firewall

This application directly helps the user to get rid of all the connections which he does not need. Even you will get the ability to block the entrance to specific countries due to security matters. The application itself can capture and analyze the packets and it sends them to and from your device. You will get the ability to create multiple profiles with separate blocking and acceptance rules for each other. That can be helpful especially when the device is used by children.

8. Root Firewall

If you want to prevent data misuse and over billing, this is one of the best applications you could go for. Other than that, it also helps save the battery life. Privacy of the user can be protected by controlling the internet access of chosen applications. In order to that, the user can incorporate either 3G if WIFI and this can be really helpful at the moment you do not have an unlimited data plan.

9. Lightning Wall

This is one of the best applications for your device. This shows only the applications which have an internet access. So if any application is not in the list that means it does not utilize data from your data plan. Incoming and outgoing connections can be configured independently for the use of this application. The security is same when considered on all other networks.

Lightning wall application does not require ipTablets. You won’t experience any data leaks and start up requirements. A set of rules are always active in the application and therefore you won’t need to set them again and again with the changes of connection.

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Android Firewalls

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