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Android Game Hack

5 Apps to Hack Games and Apps in Android(Rooted)

There is more than one way to spend your free time with your Android device. Among them, gameplay is something many users are involved in. one reason is Android, operating system is the best choice for game playing. And there are a number of android games designed in various genres for users with multiple interests.

Clash of Clans Hack

Why we need to hack Android games?

It is not a secret that all game players dream of having unlimited amount of game coins, game lives to play the game without stopping. This is the way how we can customize android games according to our choice. The main uses of such applications include

  • It gives you unlimited game coins at any moment
  • You can get gems for free while unlocking any game character with more powers
  • Get special weapons without spending even a penny

And much more

Android game hacker apps are the most easier and effective way to do that. But the thing is a single application may be unable to work on all the android games you need to hack. Therefore we have listed some of the best android game hacking apps for you to try on.

Top Apps to Cheat in Games

1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher was developed by Chelpus and this is a well-known android application with multiple features such as

  • Ability to cheat in android games
  • Removes advertisements allowing the user to have a smoother gameplay
  • It has the ability to verify license
  • Lucky Patcher can be used on only Offline games

However due to the fact that the app can lead to loss of device data, it is recommended to keep a backup of your data before working with the application. Even though previous versions of this application requires root access, you don’t need to root your device with latest lucky patcher version. So free download Lucky Patcher and use it on your favorite android game.

2. XModGames

XModGames APK

This is an application can be used on rooted android devices only. XModGames can be considered as one of the latest applications as it has been able to be used on latest games as Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Pokemon, Clash Royale and many other.


  • User friendly interface
  • Compatibility with most of the latest games

Free download XModGames. Link

3. GameCIH


This is an open source game hacking app used to modify both online and offline android games. This app requires an android device with root access and it is one of the powerful android applications you can use on games.

Free download GameCIH and use it on any game you need. Official site

4. SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker

This is another popular application among game players to increase the amount of game points or scores. But also

  • It can modify the game system giving you unlimited game coins, money and unlimited lives.
  • It has the ability to remove annoying advertisements
  • SB Game Hacker can bypass verification of license

Free download the application SB Game Hacker

5. Freedom APK

Freedom APK

Freedom is one of the easy to use applications for both games and other applications. It can help you to get any premium feature for any application or game from your Google PlayStore for free. Specially if you don’t have an international Credit card and a created Google wallet, Freedom apk can be the perfect match for you. This is a user friendly application which you can learn using very fast. You just need to tap on the start button at the above corner and select the application you need to crack.

Free download Freedom apk by clicking on the link of official website

Downloading and using game cheating apps

In order to download these applications, first you should check whether the basic requirements of the specific application has been met or not. Because, most applications has to be installed on rooted devices only. Therefore in that case you should first root your device and start the app installation process.

  1. First click on the direct download link to download the application directly to your device. A pc also can be used to download the application. But then it has to be transferred to the android device
  2. Click on the downloaded link and complete the installation process. If there is a message that app cannot be installed, go to the settings of your device and enable the installs from unknown sources. Then again start the installation process.
  3. Open the application and use it.
  4. Whatever the application you are using, you need to keep it running in the background in order to use it while playing the game.
  5. Minimize the gameplay and open the game cheating application.
  6. Go to its options and it will display a list of available features in which you just need to choose the requirement and click on buy
  7. It will automatically fulfill your requirement and if it can be done, you will get a message “Successfully done”. These applications are composed of an inbuilt free card that can be used on app stores and it can unlock features for free pretending to be a real credit card. If not, you will ask you to enter the details of your credit card. Which means, that application cannot be used on the specific game you need. In that case, try to use another game cheating application on your requirement.

Things to remember

These applications are built with many useful features in it. However, these are not legal applications. Therefore users must be alert while using the application. Developers of games have made their game available with an idea to gain some profit. As these applications prevent them from making profits, there are security mechanisms to protect their applications. Therefore these cheating applications should be used with a control and only for educational purposes. But they can make your gaming experience more powerful than you can ever imagine.

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Android Game Hacking

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