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Best Android Rooting Software for You

Most of Android users who get in touch with various latest applications consider about rooting their device as now rooting has become one of the important factors for the function of applications.  Some need to root the device as they need to flash a custom ROM or to change the settings of appearance. Also, there are some other people want to root their device in order to uninstall useless bloatware. So the objective of rooting the device may differ according to the user. While some are in-need of rooting the device, some are afraid of that. As they think it as a risky and complex process. However, almost all of them need a safer and simple rooting process.

What happens in rooting?

Basically rooting it like taking the ownership of your device. if you have rooted your device that is like a permission to enter anywhere on your android device while making any needed change as you wish.

Mentioned below are the best android rooting software you can use.



This is a well-known rooting apk among Android users to root the device in seconds. All you need to do is pressing the blue button. The latest version of this application is 4.9.0 and it’s the highest ranked root software in the Android world. There is a simple rooting procedure in the application as even anyone can use it very well even the in their first time. But it’s important to remember that the application does not work with almost all the devices.

Best of Kingroot

  • This application is composed of a high root success rate.
  • There is a wide range of compatibility to run on multiple Android versions of the same brand as Samsung A series, G series, J series.
  • Latest version is able to run on the latest Android 6.0, 5.0 versions in an optimum manner.
  • Downloading the application is very easy as it can be done in just one click
  • Provides a better root security for the device.
  • Help the user to get root permission effectively
  • Properly manage and assist application permissions.
  • It prevents the running of phone from being hijacked.
  • The application can prohibit software auto boot
  • It has the ability to purify the mobile run time while allowing the device to run smoother after rooting.

Kingo Root

Kingo Root

There are two versions of this application as APK version and Windows version. This is free software developed for Android rooting. Basically, it supports a number of devices as Android 2.3 up to Android 4.2.2, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, Acer like devices.  This application is one of the constantly updating applications. Therefore if you become a user of kingo root you will be able to experience many latest features with all the latest updates.

Best of Kingo Root

  • You don’t need to connect the device to a computer to complete the rooting process.
  • Windows version of the application can guarantee a high root success.
  • It has the ability to support the entire Android version from Android 1.5 to latest Android 4.2.
  • The software interface is a pleasing one and it is well designed.
  • This also can be used to unroot the device.
  • This is a risk-free application to be used.

Whats Bad

  • It does  not support Android 4.4 and above devices.

Root Genius

Root genius

This is well known as a one click rooting tool for the windows computers. This application is smaller in size 4.7 MB and it is enclosed with more features compared to its size. It is able to be used soon after it is downloaded onto your device. And especially it does not need to be installed on the computer.

Best of Root Genius

  • It has the ability to support more than 10,000 Android devices.
  • It is very simple to use and easy.
  • This is a freely available application.
  • There is a more powerful version developed specially to be used on computers.
  • You don’t need an internet connection to compete for the rooting process.

Worst of Root Genius

  • It does not offer un-rooting function for the devices. That is the major disadvantage of the application.



iRoot is a powerful rooting application created in China. It is easy to use as you can complete the whole process in simply one minute without using a computer. There are many versions of the application and selecting the most suitable one for your device can be done using the supplied tutorials on this application.

Pros of iRoot

  • It has the compatibility to run on multiple Android devices.
  • The success of rooting process is considered in high standard.
  • Application is free of charge.

Cons of iRoot

  • The application does not offer un rooting function.
  • There is a risk of voiding the warranty of your device.
  • This requires the internet connection to complete the rooting process.

How to Root the Android

  1. First step in the rooting procedure is selecting the proper tool to carry out the rooting process. There are a number of rooting tools mentioned above and you just need to choose the one which matches your objective.
  2. Change the settings enabling the rooting tool to access your Android device.
  3. Simply root your android device.

Things to Keep in Mind

Although there are hundreds of uses of rooting your device, there are related disadvantages also.

  • Most of the devices can have a danger of voiding the warranty of the device due to the rooting process.
  • There is a security threat as mentioned before. So it is always recommended to be careful on the things which you need to tap on “ok ” button.

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