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In App Purchase Free

3 Apps to Get Android In App Purchase for Free – [Root/Unroot]

Android operating system is the best match for a person who wants to spend his leisure time with video games. It has become a must among people with interest in a variety of games included in different genre. Android operating system has designed with flexibility in order to attract the users in terms of gameplay. So that he or she can customize the android game to its respective core systems.

In App Purchase Hack

Simply there are ways which help to hack the memory of any required android game with appropriate tools. And in that case, game hacker applications are the most convenient way to reach your target. It can provide an unlimited amount of game coins, lives, advanced options while unlocking different levels of the game in order to play the game according to the player’s desires to go for an unbeatable high score. Even though here are hundreds of such applications, only a few are composed with a considerable performance.
Some of them are

  • Leo PlayCard
  • CreeHack
  • AppSara

Leo PlayCard APK

Leo PlayCard APK

This is one of the most popular game cheating applications which help you to play any android game for free. It does not need your device to be rooted and that is a main reason for this app to be popular.

This is an application you can use to open in games shops and buy anything you like. It is 1.4 MB in size and the latest version is v1.2.

Main feature of this application are:

  • This does not need a rooted android device to work on
  • It gives unlimited amounts of purchases for free.
  • Leo PlayCard can cheat on android modem  games in-app purchases
  • This app is supported on almost all android devices

Download Leo PlayCard

  1. Free download the app to your android device from their official website.
  2. First, make sure the feature “unknown sources” has been enabled in your device
  3. Download the application and complete the installation process.
  4. Now you have Leo PlayCard app installed in your device.



CreeHack apk is an application which should be there installed on your Android device. It is a complete package of game hacking tools. This advanced app is composed of the ability to cheat on both online and offline games in order to get an unlimited amount of game coins, gold, scores and many other features. Also, it is a shortcut you can use to bypass the security methods of editors.


  • This is an open source app
  • CreeHack gives you game coins, lives, gold and many other features in an unlimited manner for no money at all.
  • This does not need a rooted device to run. But is can work well on rooted devices also.

Download CreeHack

  1. First, download the CreeHack application using a reliable link. Clink on the above link and free download the application to your device.
  2. Install CreeHack and allow the installation procedure to complete. It will get some time.

AppSara app

AppSara APK

AppSara is a recently developed application which can be used on any Tablet or smart device above Android 2.2. This package helps you to cheat in android games and applications without any payment. This is 404 KB in size and the latest version of this application is v1.0. All android devices above 2.2 can go for AppSara for free.

Main features of AppSara:

  • There is no root requirement for the app
  • It gives unlimited amount s of game coins, lives etc for free
  • It supports most of the latest android applications and games.
  • This is 100%  free application with a user friendly interface.

Free download AppSara

Click on the link and fast download AppSara into your android device. Click on the downloaded file and carryout the installation process.  And that’s all.

Using these game cheating applications

  1. Launch the application and click on the option enabled in the first window. Then minimize it
  2. Open the app or game which you need to do the purchase. Open options of required feature and click on buy
  3. Payment details will appear, just click on play.
  4. If the app works well, you will get a message “Payment successful”
  5. If that doesn’t work, you can try it on another application or game.

Most of the time, these applications are composed of a built in free card with the ability to act as a real credit card. And when we click on “pay” in order to buy any required feature, it automatically submits its free card can unlock all features for free. You will be asked to enter credit card details only if the particular cheating application is unable to run on the game or application you need.
However, all these features and activities are not legal. Therefore these should not be used for commercial purposes other than educational matters. There are security barriers set for applications as if they have been misused it can be a reason to ban the user or cancel his account. Therefore these should be used with care. Because if get caught no one else is going to take the responsibility. But you own.

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In App Purchase Free for Every Android

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